Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tramp has phone numbers of Cabinet ministers on stolen Blackberry

A journalism student purchased the Blackberry device while working on an assignment about the homeless.

He discovered phone numbers several cabinet ministers and other sensitive data.

Now Blackberries have pretty good security.... as long as it is switched on! more here...

Fraudsters discover how to decrypt banking PIN numbers - is this the end of PIN's as we know it?

Hackers have discovered how to decrypt the algorythm that protects
bank card PIN data.

The best way to explain this is the Kentucky Fried Chicken anology.
Previously they could loiter at KFC and steal 1
piece of chicken at a time (perhaps a full bucket on a good day),
now they have the Colonel's secret recepie!

SAS laptop containing confidential information is unencrypted and missing

The Telegraph are reporting that a laptop belonging to the Signals Regiment attached to the SAS has gone missing.

The laptop containing counter terrorism and military data was discovered missing during an equipment audit. Unbelievably the laptop was unencrypted. 

Employees still have access to company data after they leave

A new survey has highlighted a very common problem. when an employee leaves they frequently still have access to systems, login's and data.

The figures are shocking, read the full article here...

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