Thursday, 4 June 2009

The first British Standard on management of personal data has been published, say hello to BS10012

BS10012 is a long overdue, framework standard for establishing best practice and compliance with the Data Protection act.

Overall it appears to be a very solid standard which clearly identifies a cross-organisational ownership structure and and emphasis on awareness, dynamic improvement and education.

This new standard looks very promising although there will be some challenges integrating it into legacy procedures and policies. If you want to implement BS10012 contact FaberBrent for expert advice.

Business Software Alliance asks 1,000 London companies to provide a software audit

The BSA is the body that checks compliance for software licencing. This crack-down follows similar campaigns in Manchester and Glasgow.

A company-wide software audit is a very healthy thing from a security view-point. Employee's may have downloaded pirated software which is illegal and could contain spy-ware designed to extract your company info.

US Govt accidentally releases secret nuclear list

266 pages of "highly confidential" information regarding civilian nuclear sites and programs was accidentally published  by the federal govt according to the New York Times.